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Desktop & Laptop Support

Systems Administration

Whether it’s a cloud-based system, software that you use, or a locally installed system that is running on a server, we have individuals who come in as systems administrators and maintain your system. They run backups on your desktop, your laptop, and your server technology. They also ensure that from a security perspective, the features that are enabled in the systems are turned on and implemented by everyone in your organization.

Professional and Reliable IT Service Desk Support

    Our support is for all the end users in your environment. Our technicians will remote into your devices and resolve any issues. If the issues cannot be resolved remotely, we will send a technician on-site to work with your end users to resolve any issues. But it's a traditional service desk concept. Experience the benefits of having a group of technology professionals that you can email, call, or create a ticket, and we will help you whenever you run into an issue using the technology deployed to your computer, your laptop, your tablet, or your phone. In a nutshell we:
  • Monitor the uptime of the systems and provide alerts to you, the customer, if those systems go down.
  • Add and remove users.
  • Make sure that the disk space on the server or in the cloud is available.
  • Avoid service outages and maintain quality system performance.
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