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Simple Cyber Security. That's simply the best!

Cybersecurity is an ever growing concern for today’s business community.  From reports of Ransomware attacks to email phishing, organizations need to be strategic in preparing for the real threat of a digital attack.  At Fortis Cyber Solutions, we are simplifying the approach to Cybersecurity and providing peace of mind, knowing that your data and technology assets are protected.  Our comprehensive Cybersecurity program is designed and created to keep cyber threats at bay and your business running smoothly.

Program At A Glance

No one gets into your network without approval

  • We ensure that there is a system designed to prevent unauthorized access to or from your private network, including your private Cloud.
  • We keep the software on your firewall (firmware) up-to-date to reduce exploits and prolong the life of the device.
  • We believe that your organization should require more than one method of authentication to verify user identity whether on-premises or in the Cloud.
  • We implement an intrusion detection and gateway anti-virus solution that is affordable for the smallest businesses.
  • We work to verify that all active ports (wall jacks) are disabled to prevent unintended access to network resources.

Microsoft and Apple Operating Systems kept current

  • We apply operating system patches weekly, after-hours, to reduce the risk of impacting business productivity.
         Automatic Update is known for being unstable, why put your business at risk.
  • We verify and test operating system patches before being deployed to company desktops and laptops.
  • We keep current anti-virus/malware normed signatures for all desktop and laptop hardware.
  • We take backups of desktop and laptop data on a set schedule to reduce the impact on business productivity in case of a disaster.

Insulate network access

  • We install and configure your Virtual Private Network (VPN) to prevent remote users from gaining access to critical network resources and devices.
  • We implement control policies by physical location, function, title, or individual user.
  • We setup your Firewall to monitoring and control both inbound and outbound traffic to detect malware that steal end user data quietly.

Pass Cybersecurity audits driven by Federal regulators and industry insurers

  • We manage the aftermath of a security breach or cyber attack.
  • We validate your valuable/sensitive data backup procedures.
  • We implement a Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Plan.
  • We serve as your resident Chief Information Security Officer.
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