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Technology Innovation with a Community Focus

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Case Study: Columbus Area Integrated Health Services

Founded in 1965, Columbus Area Integrated Health Services, Inc. (CAIHS) provides a wide range of integrated health care – the coordination of physical and behavioral health care services.  They’ve served over 75,000 in need in their 50 years of service.  Distinguished by a profound connection to the community, a willingness to address the challenges associated with mental health issues with swift and innovative solutions, along with a strong record of accomplishment, CAIHS confronts the effects of behavioral and mental health by providing quality mental health care and substance abuse disorder services.  CAIHS and its team of highly trained professionals provide real people the help, the hope (and in many cases, the home) they need in order to achieve real results.  Since 2015, Fortis Cyber Solutions has been supporting CAIHS to provide strategic clarity regarding their investments in technology.

Overhauling of Network Infrastructure

An audit revealed that the organization’s infrastructure was failing.  Switches and routers were antiquated and out of warranty, failing unexpectedly, and causing random outages.  Their telecommunications configuration did not have enough available bandwidth to support timely communication, the rapid growth of services, and its billing demand.  With our assistance, the CAIHS network infrastructure was quickly overhauled including the replacement of key network hardware devices, installation of wireless, toning of existing physical drops, and setting up various Virtual Private Networks to facilitate communication between multiple physical locations.

Cyber Security is Job #1

With government having more scrutiny in the application of HIPAA laws, CAIHS engaged our team to execute a comprehensive Cyber Security program to prevent cyber-attacks, data loss, and unauthorized access across the organization.  At its core, the program included the following:

  • End user training on Cyber Security best practices;
  • Updating and maintain CAIHS’ firewall technology and associated access policies;
  • Implementing patch management procedures on all workstations and laptops;
  • Requiring multi-factor login for privileged access;
  • Limited all remote access to Virtual Private Networks (VPNs);
  • Developing an Incident Response Plan;
  • Updating anti-virus software active on all computers and networks;
  • Implementing valuable/sensitive data backup procedures;
  • Testing and auditing network security controls; and
  • Developing a disaster recovery plan, business continuity plan, or equivalent.

Electronic Health Records: From Good to Great

Under the distress of needing to upgrade their customized Electronic Health Records (HER) Management System, Aprima, due to the deprecation of its underlying OS (Operating System), CAIHS partnered with the Fortis Cyber Solutions team to build out a private Cloud environment.  The goal was to reduce the risk of the on-premises aging infrastructure and speed the time to back up and recover their patient and billing data.  The solution involved leveraging VMWare’s vSphere to setup redundant Microsoft Windows Server 2012 r2 clusters that shared pooled resources, replicated data between each server instance to prevent data loss, and improved the application’s speed and performance to boost the application’s user productivity.

Private Branch Exchange (PBX) Goes to the Cloud

CAIHS telephony infrastructure was patched together across multiple providers leveraging a combination of Analog, Digital, and VOIP hardware and software.  The infrastructure was primarily an on-premises solution that shutdown during power outages and caused the need for multiple hardware devices to be deployed.  It also proved to be costly and was a barrier to timely communications across the organization.  Leveraging our Elevate Cloud PBX product, CAIHS was able to transform their telephony infrastructure in under 30 days, moving to a fully unified communications platform, standardizing to one telecommunications provider, and eliminating the cost of running multiple analog lines.