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RMM (Blue Rhino)

Easy Remote Monitoring and Management

Out-of-The Box Help Desk Support


With BlueRhino, our remote monitoring and management (RMM) software, we can remotely and proactively monitor your endpoints, networks, and computers.

BlueRhino is a small software footprint often called an “agent” that we install on client workstations, servers, mobile devices, and other endpoints. The agent then feed information about the machine’s health and status back to our Network Operations Center (NOC). This gives insight into your networks, provides the ability to keep your machines maintained and up-to-date, and proactively allows us to stay ahead of issues and resolve them remotely – without the need to visit you on-site.

When one of the BlueRhino agents detects a problem, an alert (or “ticket”) is created and sent to one of our technicians, prompting them to take whatever action is needed to resolve the problem. These tickets are classified based on severity, problem type, and service level agreement (SLA), helping us prioritize and identify critical vs. non-critical issues. In best case scenarios, we are able identify and solve issues before you even realizes there’s a problem.

Remote Monitoring and Management Lifecycle

Benefits of Remote Monitoring and Management

  • Lower cost through enterprise-level automation and monitoring
  • Issues are detected before they become major problems and avoid system failure
  • Decreased site visits, business disruptions, and associated costs
  • Fixed monthly price to keep their IT up and running
  • Fixed pricing means no surprises
  • Optimal network stability is achieved through proactive maintenance
  • Our incentive each month is to make sure no problems occur.
  • Company employees enjoy increased uptime without disruption during servicing
  • Life of devices are extended with improved performance
  • High-valued IT personnel can be focused on strategic IT tasks rather than break-fix issues
  • Issues are resolved before you experience them in your environment
  • We provide true 24x7x365 coverage